Current Rules

Marlboro Spring Recreation League Basketball Rules


  1. during all time outs
  2. on every whistle during the last two minutes of the game **Exception** If point differential is 15 or greater during last two minutes the clock will not stop except for timeouts or injuries
  3. on ALL foul shots….the clock will then be re-started when foul shot is rebounded if missed, or is put back into play if it is made.  The 6 players lined up for the foul shot may enter lane to rebound on the shooter’s release.  All other players must be lined up outside of the 3-point line, above the foul line extended and may not enter until the ball hits the rim.  Shooter may not enter until the ball hits the rim.
  4. the clock will stop for 20 seconds during substitutions at the 14 minute and 7 minute marks of each half.
    1. This is not a time out and the clock re-starts after 20 seconds.
    2. If a team needs more time they must call a time out.  




 There are not meant to be any “loopholes” in the rules below.  If you think you have found one, it is not intentional, and should not be exploited.  ALL rules are intended to keep playing time minutes as fair as possible for all players present at a game.

 All games in all divisions are two 21 minute halves with 3 segments of  7 minutes each..  So 6 total segments.,


Playoff Rule: If one team only has 5 players, the opposing team can modify playing time rules to the extent that every player must still play a minimum of 3 segments but there will not be a maximum playing time rule in effect and a player is eligible to play the full game.

 Playing time rules must be followed without exception. Coaches are responsible for adhering to this rule which is designed to give all of our players in our recreation league a fair opportunity. Coordinators will be responsible for monitoring playing time rules.

 Violations may result in forfeits and/or suspensions

 In the event of a perceived playing time rule violation-

 In the event that one coach believes the opposing coach has substituted in a way that is not legal, they may call a time out and notify the referee that it is about a rule violation. They will discuss with opposing coach and If they agree; the violation will be corrected immediately and the “protesting” coach gets back his time out.

 If the coaches agree after discussion that there was no violation, the protesting coach is charged the timeout.

 If the coaches cannot agree on whether there is a rule violation, the protesting coach is charged his time out, and reserves the right to protest the game with the rec basketball rules committee.

 Games should not be protested unless the time out has been called and the violation discussed between the coaches at the game.